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The Importance of Setting Up Meta Pixels for Musicians

In the digital age, effective marketing is crucial for musicians aiming to expand their reach and grow their fanbase. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the Meta Pixel (formerly known as the Facebook Pixel). When running ads for Spotify pre-saves, setting up Meta Pixels correctly is essential to maximize efficiency and increase your chances of success. What is a Meta Pixel? A Meta Pixel is a […]

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EverChanger – Disconnected (2023 Single) and Exterminatus (2024 EP) [Review]

First Impression Emerging from Boston, Massachusetts, EverChanger is carving out a significant presence in the metalcore scene. Among over 22,000 self-identified bands in North America, their distinctive and impactful sound sets them apart. Their music not only highlights their individuality but also demonstrates their ability to make a lasting impression in a heavily saturated genre. Atmosphere EverChanger's music is a masterclass in local metalcore. Their sound, characterized by heavy riffs […]

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Zealed Promo


Zealed – Divination (06.22.24 Release) [Pre-save]

Zealed's "Divination" : Pre-Save Now for an Epic Journey Get ready for the latest release from Zealed! Their new single, "Divination," is set to drop on June 21st, 2024, on Slam World Wide, and you can be the first to experience it by pre-saving now. This symphonic black metal and melodic deathcore masterpiece will go live on streaming platforms on June 22nd. Why Pre-Save "Divination" ? "Divination" promises to deliver […]

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Content management guide for deathcore musicians

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Crafting Your Sound: The Essence of Music Creation

Crafting Your Sound: The Essence of Music Creation Hey there, rockstars! As part of our series on Unlocking Music Creation, Content Marketing, and Audience Engagement, we’re diving right into the heart of music creation. Designed especially for metalcore and deathcore bands, this guide will help you hone your artistry and resonate even more with your fans. Laying Down the Basics Before jumping in, it's always a good idea to reflect. […]

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Content management guide for deathcore musicians


Unlocking Music Creation, Content Marketing, and Audience Engagement

Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Metalcore and Deathcore Band in the Modern Era Hello, future rockstars! So, you're part of a metalcore or deathcore band and you're eager to make your mark. Good news - you're in the right place. This comprehensive guide offers a sneak peek into a series of posts where you’ll dive deep into the nexus of music creation, content marketing, and audience engagement. Crafting […]

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Doom & Groom Beard Balm Mockup


Doom & Groom: Beard Care for Metalheads

Setting the Stage: In a world where metal meets style and selfcare, Doom & Groom emerges as a beacon. This brand isn't just about aesthetics; it's a blend of metal spirit and nature’s best for beard and skin. From the Roots: Hailing from Houston and now echoing in Denver, Jonny Demon is the mastermind behind Doom & Groom. Not merely an entrepreneur, Jonny's a die-hard metalhead. As such, he often […]

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Iron Rule Promo Pic.


Iron Rule June 30th Featuring Reminitions

Unleashing Iron Rule: Conquerors of Deathcore Are nuclear-level musical explosions your thing? Perhaps you prefer rhythm's rebellion against norms? Anticipate more, with the heavyweight Southern California band, Iron Rule. The Music Tsunami: Soul Remover and Soul Death Prepare for a sonic upheaval. Iron Rule's single, "Soul Remover", and the equally potent EP, "Soul Death", break the sound barrier on Friday, June 30th, via 1134 Recordings. These audacious releases are here […]

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