EverChanger – Disconnected (2023 Single) and Exterminatus (2024 EP) [Review]

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First Impression

Emerging from Boston, Massachusetts, EverChanger is carving out a significant presence in the metalcore scene. Among over 22,000 self-identified bands in North America, their distinctive and impactful sound sets them apart. Their music not only highlights their individuality but also demonstrates their ability to make a lasting impression in a heavily saturated genre.


EverChanger’s music is a masterclass in local metalcore. Their sound, characterized by heavy riffs and aggressive tones, is particularly evident in the track ‘Disconnected.’ The texture of their music is not just abrasive but also pleasing, with defined and intense vocals that showcase their mastery of metalcore techniques. What truly resonates with listeners is the emotional depth, a key element in developing a sense of familiarity and connection. ‘Disconnected’ effectively intertwines this emotional thread, making it a slightly older track that one should not be overlook.

Following “Disconnected” and “Nocturne,” EverChanger’s first EP, Exterminatus, was released in early 2024 and included four tracks. “Simulation/Reality” carries a similar theme of confronting oneself and seeking truth. Overall, the EP’s lyrical composition demonstrates their intention to convey honesty and vulnerability within their creative expression. EverChanger credits some of their influence to Invent Animate, Knocked Loose, Volumes, and Currents.

The Band

What distinguishes EverChanger in the local scene is their commitment to quality instrumentation, powerful vocals, and the artistic elements of metalcore. However, it is their interaction with fans and support for fellow artists that makes them most memorable. EverChanger is not just a part of the community; they actively help to build it, fostering an environment of inclusivity and acceptance. Their fanbase reflects this ethos, consisting of individuals who value both quality music and a strong sense of belonging. In a genre where skill and confidence are paramount, EverChanger’s execution and undeniable presence are appreciated and boasted.

Cody Medeiros – Vocals, Jesse Shulz – Guitar/Vocals, Cam McCarthy – Lead Guitar, Will McNulty – Bass, Chris Jordan – Drums

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