Mana Tomb – Wolfsbane (2023 Single) [Review]

Mana Tomb
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Precision Craftsmanship Meets Chaotic Beauty: A Review of Mana Tomb‘s Wolfsbane

Immerse yourself in a landscape meticulously crafted by an artisan, as intricate as a watchmaker delicately placing every minute wheel and infinitesimal cog with the utmost precision. Visualize the startling transformation as the same creator takes a sledgehammer to his masterpiece, shattering it into myriad fragments and igniting them with a blowtorch. This atmosphere envelops you right from the get-go with Wolfsbane. Experience the head-turning piece from the experimental deathcore band, Mana Tomb.

Mana Tomb
Mana Tomb

Mana Tomb: A Unique Blend of Past and Future Deathcore

Emerging from the ashes of well-established deathcore bands like Carnifex, Her Demise My Rise, and A Black Rose Burial, Mana Tomb balances precariously on the cusp of nostalgic Myspace deathcore vibes and a fresh wave of unparalleled technicality. These musical virtuosos seamlessly blend past influences with their groundbreaking sound, forging an identity that resonates across the spectrum of deathcore fandom.

A Confluence of Pop Culture, Nerd Subculture and Beyond

Influenced by an eclectic mix of pop culture, nerd subculture, video games, extraterrestrial themes, and role-playing games, Mana Tomb ingeniously transposes their diverse tastes into an all-encompassing musical form. Conjuring up reminiscent nuances of revered bands such as Knights Of The Abyss, Rose Funeral, and Job For A Cowboy. Mana Tomb nonetheless offers a unique twist, standing apart in a genre crowded with imitators.

Mana Tomb Merch
Art by William X Parrish

A Technical Tour De Force Of Deathcore

Flaunting the quintessential deathcore samples, Wolfsbane encompasses everything a deathcore enthusiast craves. But they are not falling into the pit of generic monotony. Expect soaring leads, intricate riffage, powerful slams, relentless blast beats, and, naturally, iconic breakdowns. The lead guitarist shines in this labyrinth of sound. They breathe life into the composition with a rhythmic cadence. Also, with a strumming style that will enthrall listeners. Insightful enjoyment if you’re a die-hard deathcore fanatic or a traditional death metal devotee.

A Sonic Palette of Vocals

Vocally, Wolfsbane brings to the table what you’d anticipate from the deathcore genre: piercing highs, guttural resonances, and potent lows. Stepping away from the ‘modern vocal Olympics’ trend, they offer a style steeped in authenticity and originality. Elements of classic deathcore vocals meld with black metal and death metal undertones. Together they are creating a remarkable sonic experience.

A Unifying Guest Appearance

With a guest feature from Set Fire To The Sky. They are torchbearers of early-era deathcore revival. Together they inject coherence into the chaos, binding the piece together seamlessly.

A Tantalizing Taste from a Diverse Album

Wolfsbane is but a tantalizing teaser from Mana Tomb’s 7-track album.”When Reality Fades And Forgiveness Is Forgotten,” hit the scene on April 4th, 2023. The album showcases a daring foray into various genres. Furthermore, it harmonizes with hip-hop and electronic elements to deliver an audacious experimental sound experience. This sets them apart.

Nostalgia and Innovation Collide

Coupled with a penchant for classic OG Hot Topic-esque deathcore designs, this album and song are an irresistible siren call to the nostalgic Myspace-era metalhead. It’s time to dig out your studded belt, flip your hair, and guard your favorite energy drink as if it’s the last can on Earth. This auditory masterpiece takes you on a thrilling ride.

Whether you’re a hardened metalhead or a scene kid at heart, this song, this album, feels like home. Watch this space for the opportunity to witness this powerhouse in a live performance. Prepare for the release of a slew of awesome merch designs soon. Be ready, for Mana Tomb is here to revolutionize your music experience.

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Mana Tomb Album Art
Mana Tomb Album Art


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