IASIT – Lakewood is Burning (2023 Single) [Review]

It's Always Sunny In Tijuana
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It’s Always Sunny In Tijuana:

There is one word to describe this release: DEATHCORE

Listening to this song brought me back to my early days when I first entered the genre. It has the basic aspects one would expect. In addition it fits into the mold while staying fun.

What do you know about It’s Always Sunny In Tijuana? Care to see this Denver, Colorado-based 5-piece deathcore band? This one showcases that they have nothing to prove in their recent drop.

“Lakewood is Burning” is the 3rd track on the early spring release “Say Nothing” EP by IASIT.

About the song

Shrill highs that dance on the riffs. They transition into Olympic grade (without the show) lows. Together they dance across the breakdowns.

It even has your classic “Oh” that transitions into a breakdown, followed by a callout. This finishes in a way that draws you into a more melodic closing ending breakdown.
Let’s be honest for a second.  If you love deathcore, chances are you have passion for breakdowns. Likely the role they play in the writing process. The imagination it draws of the live performance.

It’s Always Sunny In Tijuana Live Event

Classic is back

This release did not disappoint. I was excited that they pulled off all the classic deathcore tricks. Also they added their unique elements. When the somber, dramatic cleans come, it just feels…. right. Nothing felt out of placed or forced. To clarify when it came to the production, it left me wondering what a more polished It’s Always Sunny In Tijuana would sound like. Even so it wasn’t any less listenable.

Where I am left feeling at the end? Simply Put I had fun listening.

I look forward to seeing what they have planned next, and hopefully catching them live.

Stay metal, stay fun, and party hard!

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Lakewood is Burning

by It's Always Sunny In Tijuana


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