Total Deathcore’s Exclusive Limited Edition 2023 Compilation CD

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Get ready for the ultimate metal experience with Total Deathcore’s Exclusive Limited Edition Compilation CDs: “Total Death Fest Day 1″ and “Total Death Fest Day 2”!

Featuring the most electrifying tracks from the leading #metalcore, #deathcore, and #hardcore bands set to take the stage at GroundZero in Spartanburg, South Carolina, these CDs are essential for any heavy music enthusiast’s collection.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of extreme music with these limited-release CDs, showcasing guttural vocals, crushing riffs, and monumental breakdowns from the fiercest acts in the scene. Don’t miss out!

Pre-order now to secure your copies of Total Deathcore’s “Total Death Fest Day 1” and “Total Death Fest Day 2” Exclusive Limited Edition Compilation CDs and amp up your excitement for the upcoming festival.

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