Reminitions (05.31.24 LP Misery Eternal Review) [Interview]

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Understanding sensory processing within the brain is crucial for analyzing music, a task I undertake professionally. Studying the purpose a band or artist serves for their audience, I meticulously dissect each vocal and instrumental layer to uncover technique, skill, and significance. These artistic critiques are consuming yet fulfilling endeavors.

Over the past year, I have devoted nearly 450 minutes to exploring the music of Reminitions, a deathcore metal band from Visalia, California. I’ve listened critically to their EPs, “Endless Suffering” and “Misery Eternal,” familiarizing myself with their tracks and the band members.

Through countless mornings, afternoons, and evenings spent undergoing analysis of their music, I have become intimately acquainted with the distinctive sound of both EPs. Vocalist Jay Muller’s commanding gutturals captivate listeners with a precise and fully rounded tone. At times, his growls transcend the human realm, evoking an otherworldly quality that is truly mesmerizing. The intense and aggressive instrumentals are a defining feature of their music. Blast beats pulsate sound waves through the brain, creating an immersive experience that feels as if each percussive strike travels through the body. Down-tuned, heavy guitar riffs and bass rhythm create an extreme musical experience, guiding the listener through nightmarish backdrops and perilous crevasses while evoking a sense of urgency. Through these moments, Reminitions has become a dear favorite, a companion within my musical rotation.

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing vocalist, Jay Muller, gaining valuable insights into his creative process and outlook:

Q. Was there anything unique to the creative process for Misery Eternal?

Muller: Misery Eternal is a continuation of certain songs from Endless Suffering. We wanted to create something that showed our evolution in our writing style and lyricism. Some songs tell a fictional story. Some songs deal with relatable life events. Coping with the loss of someone to an illness is one song. But there’s also a song about losing someone who’s still alive. So, I would say physical and emotional loss. My fictional songs are WILD. I think of things as if they could be a movie. This is how it would go if I were the creator of my horror movie.

Q. Was there a specific inspiration for the theme?

Muller: The inspiration was that even though Endless Suffering came out in 2017, I’m still dealing with the same problems. I felt like the words “time heals” were always said to me when bad things happen. But does it heal? Or do you just learn to live with it, but it will always hurt like the first day? As far as the fictional songs, those are all different. I tap into the kid who grew up watching horror movies with their mom instead of Disney movies. One is about a monster who lives in the mountains and hunts for hitchhikers and hangs their skin on his carved walls like a wall flag/trophy. Another is about a witch who’s been having visions of her death for years, and the story takes place on the day everything happens.

Q. Did any bands or artists influence the sound or direction of the EP?

Muller: We’ve been working closely with Howie from Within Destruction, who’s been helping produce our newest songs. So, some of his sound has rubbed off on us. Vocally I have some critical influences like Dane Evans (To the Grave), Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer), Zelli (Paleface), Dan Watson (Mire Lore), and, of course, Will Ramos (Lorna Shore), that have inspired me to make some new sounds on this two-part EP. I also consider the live performance aspect when recording the vocals, and I have two inspirations for those. Darius Tehrani (SPITE) Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence). Those two dudes inspire my movement. And so when I write lyrics, I have to think, “Okay, right here, I’m going to say some mean stuff, but I need to stop saying words two seconds before it kicks in so I can stomp.”

Q. What are the following projects or goals for Reminitions?

Muller: So, right now. We’re working on our first full-length. Even though I’m a fan of EPs myself, having a total length under your belt is just something you need to aim for because you want to show people, you’re capable of it and not just of making it but making a good one that you want to listen to front to back with NO SKIPS. That’s the goal, lol. Another goal would be to play some major festivals!

Q. Is a specific show or festival coming up that you would like to share with fans?

Muller: Right now, we have two major things on the horizon. On July 26th, we’re playing Titan Fest in Sacramento with TONS of amazing bands like TITVN, Decayer, A Moments Notice, and Lost to the Void. Titan Fest is a three-day event, but we’re only on Day 1. The other dates have killer bands, too. 2nd significant thing is we’re playing PEELING FLESH on September 6th at Full Circle Brewery, and we are unbelievably hyped to be a part of it. It is such a sick lineup. We’re playing with them Snuffed On Sight, Two Piece, Corpse Pile, Slime, Bulldog, Burn Unit, and Sleep Serpent. The thing I love the most is only us and Sleep Serpent are deathcore, and the rest are hardcore or slam, so because we’re mixing genres, it’s going to be a recipe for a great show!

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