Quiescent Mantis – Primal Form Of Aggression (2024 Single) [Review]

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Quiescent Mantis Unleashes “Primal Form of Aggression” – A Sonic Assault You Can’t Miss


Quiescent Mantis delivers an electrifying sonic assault with their latest track, “Primal Form of Aggression.” This down-tempo masterpiece is a relentless display of heaviness and aggression that leaves you thirsty for more.

The Journey Begins

From the get-go, you know this is about to be an absolute ass-beater, setting the stage for what unfolds as a journey through raw intensity and angst. The slow tempo builds tension with every second, setting you up for a palpable, high-energy ride into the sound of Quiescent Mantis.

Venomous Vocals

The vocals kick in with venomous passion, piercing through the dense wall of sound, delivering lyrics that resonate with primal fury. You can tell these dudes are pissed off, and they want you to know it. The line “ANY LAST WORDS BEFORE I PUT YOU IN THIS FUCKING HEARSE” gave me chills, making the final breakdown unforgettable.

Sonic Weight

What truly sets “Primal Form of Aggression” apart is its ability to captivate the listener with its sheer sonic weight. The guitars churn out mammoth riffs that reverberate with primal force, while the bass rumbles like an earthquake beneath it all. This is heavy music at its best—no frills, no unnecessary bullshit.

Mastery of Craft

Quiescent Mantis demonstrates a mastery of their craft with this track, showcasing their ability to evoke emotion through sound. “Primal Form of Aggression” is more than just a song; it’s an experience—a visceral journey into the depths of musical aggression that leaves you concussed and ready for more.


“Primal Form of Aggression” by Quiescent Mantis is a testament to the band’s ability to harness the primal energy of heavy music and mold it into something truly awesome. For fans of down-tempo, heavy, and aggressive music, this track is a must-listen—an adrenaline-fueled ride that demands to be played at maximum volume.

About the Band

New Death/Thrash Metal band based out of Knoxville, Tennessee:

  • Guitarist: Chris Trainor
  • Bassist and Lead Vocalist: Jordan McKenzie
  • Drummer: Johnny Mejia

The song was released on June 13th, 2024, and the band played the inaugural Total Death Fest.

Additional Insights

For more insights on “Primal Form of Aggression,” check out Decibel Magazine’s video premiere and Metal-Rules’ review.




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Primal Form Of Aggression

by Quiescent Mantis


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