Narcotic Wasteland headlines ZYMURDERFEST – Wisconsin’s Premiere Death Metal Festival

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In the world of extreme metal, Narcotic Wasteland emerges as an undeniable force. Founded in 2013 by former Nile guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade, the mere mention of the band’s name conjures visions of an eerie, desolate auditory landscape. Possessing a unique knack for crafting music that probes the depths of the human psyche, Narcotic Wasteland has etched out a distinctive niche within the realm of death metal. Their art is an unrelenting assault that challenges conventions and shatters boundaries.

Guided by the visionary prowess of Dallas Toler-Wade, Narcotic Wasteland took root in the fertile soil of the death metal scene. Toler-Wade’s background as a founding member of Nile, an iconic presence in the death metal genre, immediately lent a weight of authenticity to his new venture. However, eschewing complacency, Toler-Wade embarked on an exploration of new sonic landscapes with Narcotic Wasteland, pushing the envelope of creativity to forge a sound that is uniquely their own.

Within Narcotic Wasteland’s music swirls a tempest of aggression and emotion, characterized by intricate guitar artistry, bone-crushing riffs, and guttural vocals that pierce through the auditory realm. Their lyrical narrative delves unflinchingly into the shadowed corners of human existence, traversing themes of addiction, mental turmoil, and the harrowing realities of warfare. This lyrical complexity adds layers of depth to their compositions, encouraging listeners to grapple with weighty subjects.

The inaugural album, “Narcotic Wasteland,” unleashed in 2014, served as a resounding declaration of intent. Tracks like “Addicted to Junk” and “PharmaCulture” showcased the band’s uncanny ability to seamlessly meld technical mastery with an unfiltered, visceral fervor. Met with critical acclaim, this album firmly established Narcotic Wasteland as a rising star in the realm of extreme metal.

Subsequent releases, including “Delirium Tremens” (2017) and “The Eternal Ashes” (2020), have further solidified the band’s reputation for unyielding, merciless death metal. These albums bear witness to an evolution of sound, as elements of groove, melody, and progressive intricacies are meticulously interwoven into their sonic tapestry. This evolution serves as a testament to the band’s commitment to pushing their artistic boundaries while remaining rooted in their core identity.

A live performance by Narcotic Wasteland is an auditory hurricane. Their intense stage presence and unwavering energy breathe life into their studio-recorded ferocity, creating an experience that leaves audiences awestruck. As they transport their listeners into the heart of the desolate wastelands they conjure through their music and visual imagery, Narcotic Wasteland’s live shows become an immersive journey through sound and emotion.


Narcotic Wasteland will be headlining this year’s ZYMURDERFEST in in Menomonie, Wisconsin.


Zymurgy Brewing Co. in Menomonie, Wisconsin for the region’s largest Death Metal Music Festival.

10 brutal bands from across the country will be stomping necks and busting ear drums all afternoon and evening.

Food truck in the parking lot from 3 to 8pm. Tap specials all day.

?NARCOTIC WASTELAND, an American death metal band from North Carolina, will be headlining in Menomonie for the fourth annual Zymurderfest Death Metal Music Festival.

?They will be preceded on stage by 9 other bands from across the country:

Embryonic Autopsy (IL)
Gorgatron (ND)
Nest (MO)
Sexual Atrocities (WI)
Pantheon (AR)
Forced to Rot (OH)
Celestial Serpent (IL)

Dead Soul Symphony (WI)
Iced Wrist (NE)

$20 Presale/$25 Door.
Doors at 3PM. 21+ Only.


Dallas Toler-Wade was a recent guest on the Vulgar Display of Podcast in which he discusses touring, new music, and life outside of death metal. Give it a listen here, or anywhere you get your podcasts!

Vulgar Display of Podcast: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Zymurgy Brewing

Black Bayou Coffee Roasters

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Total Deathcore

Liquid Death

photo by Necroblanca Photography

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