Mélancolia – HissThroughRottenTeeth (Album Review)

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Mélancolia, has put out an absolutely insane album with “HissThroughRottenTeeth.” This quartet hailing from the land down under, Melbourne, Australia is taking the world by storm. Signed to Nuclear Blast Records / Greyscale Records have put out one of the best albums to grace this year. Intense. Full of fury. “HissThroughRottenTeeth” lives and breathes atmosphere. It truly is an excellent album. From the first riff to the last, this album has a little bit for every fan of heavy, angry music. And the passion they exhibit, from their presence in the music to their online persona is larger than life. And, it is an immense pleasure to be reviewing them for Total Deathcore.

Review Songs 1-2

Firstly, starting with “Horror_Ethereal”, Mélancolia pushes the envelope from the outset. With intense and grooving riffs “Horror_Ethereal” is an excellent jumping-off point for the album. I was blown away by the vocals and how dynamic they are. From high to low vocals, they show a mastery very few dare to come to close to. In addition, the vocals are backed up by perfectly placed guitars to bring a really intense introduction to Mélancolia’s “HissThroughRottenTeeth”.

And, the second track is titled “GOD TONGUE” and the name is quite apt. I felt like I was being personally spoken to with this song. You will get lost in this song, the descension into anxiety is something to behold. Once “GOD TONGUE has you, it won’t let go. From the very first beat you get dragged on this journey and must see it to it’s end. Mélancolia shows a musical mastery that I haven’t heard in a long time from the genre.

Review Songs 3-4

Next, the titular track, “HissThroughRottenTeeth” is a slow-burning song. It gives you time to breathe after the intensity of the last couple of songs. The song starts very ambient, completely dripping in the atmosphere. And follows throughout the entire song, even when it ramps up with vocals and the full band sound over it. “HissThroughRottenTeeth” is almost balled-like in a sense. Moreover, it gives the necessary time to recollect oneself before diving back for more.

What’s more, diving back in on the fourth song is “Dread Will Follow” and it ramps right back up to that adrenaline-pushing sound that Mélancolia has made for themselves. Deathcore fans of all shapes and sizes will enjoy “Dread Will Follow” an immeasurable amount. It is a very guitar and drum-driven song that pushes you to movement in your living room. This song would be a treat to see live, from beginning to end “Dread Will Follow” is the epitome of musical mastery.

With the first half done let’s move into the second half where it gets even heavier.


Review Songs 5-6

[Inure]” is the fifth song on Mélancolia’s “HissThroughRottenTeeth” and it keeps up the pace and throws it on its head. And the blend of atmosphere and break-neck speed drum patterns is an assault on the senses. Clocking in at over five minutes “[Inure]” does not feel like a drag at all. Again, with this song drags you in like the rest of their album. The ferocity of Mélancolia’s music is a metaphorical sight to behold. Further, the ending to this song is a perfect encapsulation of what they are about.

Next, the sixth song on the album is “When Shovels Drag On Concrete”. Starting low and slow with a steep ascent into the ethereal. Next, the song is an excellent microscope of all Mélancolia brings to the table in regard to deathcore and heavy music as a whole. Another long one, with it coming in at five minutes and eighteen seconds “When Shovels Drag On Concrete” is a roller-coaster of a ride. In addition, the breakdowns in this song are incredibly juicy. The passion, the anger, it has it all.

Review Songs 7-8

“The Hands That Tied The Noose” is the next song on “HissThroughRottenTeeth”. And it continues the incredible atmosphere and passion coming from Mélancolia. And “The Hands That Tied The Noose” is my favorite of this album bar none. Moreover, the head banging that this song gives is gonna make me feel it in the morning. Equally important for any band is to balance the fast moments with slow moments that allow people to breathe. Further, it allows you to appreciate the band for more facets than just one individual aspect of them.

Lastly, but definitely not least comes the track “… a cold static eulogy”.  And what a track it is. It caps off an excellent album with an equally excellent song. Next, it is the song that got me moving the most out of all of them. Furthermore, “… a cold static eulogy” is a breakdown city, interspersed with intense guitar work. In addition, the vocals really shine the most on this track. And, I couldn’t be happier with this song.

And our closing

Mélancolia has done something truly incredible with “HissThroughRottenTeeth”. It is has reinvigorated my interest in the deathcore genre. And I couldn’t be happier, it is a perfect addition to anyone’s playlist. Furthermore, “HissThroughRottenTeeth” has transcended what we all think deathcore should be. Furthermore, I can not wait to hear what is next for these guys. Lastly, if it is anything like this album, I will very much enjoy it.

And, check out Mélancolia’s “HissThroughRottenTeeth” today!


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