Kill Dyll – Beyond the Lyrics (04.26.24 EP Release) [Interview]

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I recently discussed creativity, influences, and upcoming plans with trap metal artist Kill Dyll, here are my thoughts on the noteworthy artist.

A warm morning rain gently breaks as the softened fog lifts. I’m sitting at a picnic table in a state forest in Western Pennsylvania, thinking of Kill Dyll in Colorado and the hiking he says he enjoys. I’m curious if my trip does any justice in comparison. I hear hundreds of birds around me, and one in particular visits my van window, tapping at me. It beckons me to engage it, hoping for food. It is quiet here, all but for nature. The air feels thinner and more breathable, and the moment is perfect for music. While looking through my phone at my road trip playlist, I again look through Kill Dyll’s lyrics while listening to each song.

Kill Dyll’s repertoire isn’t the typical “meditation in nature” soundtrack one would expect. Still, it has an empowering effect and helps me envision myself with a more vital energy. I am tragically introverted and shy, so pulling myself into a mindset requiring an opposite personality is draining. Music is a transformative tool I use to tap into parts of myself that are often overshadowed by doubts and fear. The “D13” track especially envelops me in an energy that elevates me to heightened levels of confidence and focus. The explosive bass attacks my senses but in a way that sharpens and prepares them for the tasks lying ahead.

The lyrics of “D13” that I favor most are “I was trained just to kill. I was trained just to die. I was trained not to feel. I was trained not to cry.” These should not be misinterpreted literally because their message is more profound and poignant. The words are like a mantra: “I have greater meaning and purpose,” and “I will sacrifice what is necessary to succeed despite adversity.” I asked about his songwriting. He replied, “I write storyboards, characters, and stories that carry from one song to another.” The fictional narratives Kill Dyll creates further demonstrate his skill to move beyond self-expression in his music and partake in multiple levels of storytelling.

“The lyrics of my music are pretty violent and aggressive, but my music is really for helping people like you and me, who are maybe introverted and suffer from anxiety. I hope my music helps people overcome obstacles,” Kill Dyll explains. “I sometimes write music to help get me in the mindset for my workouts, and sometimes it’s about real-life events.”

I also inquired about his background and influences, to which Kill Dyll mentioned XXXTentatacion and Ghostemane, among others, but added that his family is also musically inclined. The rapper’s father played in a punk band, and his brothers played guitar, leaving him as the outlier. Rather than following their footsteps, Kill Dyll set on his musical path incorporating fierce prose and an essence of metal. I noted at this point in our conversation how down-to-earth and relatable Kill Dyll is with how he communicates earnestly and openly. Trap metal often bears in-your-face confidence and attitude. Hence, the inversion of a calm demeanor and a sense of humility is far from the persona conveyed within Kill Dyll’s music. This ability to change between bold and calm reflects the artist’s higher emotional intelligence and ability to create within multiple planes of reality. It’s refreshing and inspiring.

I gushed to Kill Dyll about his music, lyrics, and vigor of instrumentation, explaining how it portrayed a turbulent and vibrant whirling of color within my mind. Bass blasts immerse the listener within the vibrations, all-consuming with its force. Each rhythmic pulsation pulls the listener into an ocean of crashing sound waves. Listening to the overwhelming nature of Kill Dyll’s music leaves one saturated and satisfied with exhilaration.

Hoping there are plans for an upcoming tour or festival, I asked what fans should expect for live performances. Kill Dyll is signed with the label Second Estate Records, and a show is scheduled for June 20, 2024, in Denver, Colorado, headlining Kill Dyll and including Warlord Collosus, Pranav.wav, Koste, and Teddy Slugz. Although he has yet to plan collaborations with metal artists from other genres, he mentioned he is open to the idea and might agree if the right project presents itself.

In the meantime, I continue on my road trip with all of Kill Dyll’s collection, pass through mountain towns not quite as magnificent as Denver, and fondly remember my interview with one of trap metal’s rising luminaries.

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