He is Legend Hits the Road with Endless Hallway

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With an electrifying passion and an unwavering love for the stage, He Is Legend proudly proclaims themselves as a rock band at their core. Frontman Schuylar Croom expresses their newfound positivity and inspiration, stemming from many years of relentless touring filled with ups, downs, and the chaotic whirlwind of life on the road. It is within this storm that they have discovered a gem, a precious creation that embodies their musical growth and camaraderie. That gem is none other than their seventh full-length album, titled “Endless Hallway.” In which they will be showcasing on tour this summer throughout most of US. 

Since their formation in 2003, He is Legend has been poised to make a bit musical statement. Their impressive discography includes acclaimed albums like “I Am Hollywood,” “Suck Out the Poison,” and the seminal “It Hates You.” Notably, their 2014 release, Heavy Fruit,” received praise from Alternative Press, Revolver, New Noise, and Ultimate Guitar, solidifying their status in the industry. MetalInjection even heralded their crowdfunded album “Few” in 2017, rating it 9 out of 10. Proclaiming He Is Legend as one of the most underrated bands in the metal genre. Along their journey, they have shared the stage with renowned acts such as Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, Gwar, and Underoath.

This longevity and brotherhood amongst the band members have set the stage for the next chapter in their musical evolution. Each member brings their unique ingredient to the table, collaborating harmoniously without concern for how each element will affect the final dish. This synergy encapsulates the essence of He Is Legend, blending influences from all their albums into a cohesive whole. The music on “Endless Hallway” delves into a moody and heavy atmosphere that they haven’t explored in some time. It is a conceptual endeavor that fully embodies their artistic vision. 

Recently Schuylar Croom, the charismatic singer of the renowned rock band He Is Legend, recently made an appearance on the Vulgar Display of Podcast. In this exciting episode, Schuylar dives deep into the band’s musical journey, their latest album, and shares intriguing insights into their creative process.

If you’re eager to listen to this engaging conversation with Schuylar Croom, we invite you to check out the video below. It features the full podcast interview episode. Alternatively, you can also find the interview on your preferred podcast platform e.g., Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about the band’s story, this interview promises to be a must-listen for all music enthusiasts.

You can also catch them out on tour this summer:

He is Legend

7/5 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Preserving Underground

7/6 – Cleveland, OH @ Winchester

7/7 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Pierre’s

7/8 – Pontiac, MI @ Pug Fest

7/9 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme

7/11 – West Chicago, IL @ WC Social Club

7/12 – St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House

7/13 – Nashville, TN @ The Cobra

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