Goresoerd – Inkvisiitor (2024 Album) [Review]

Goresoerd, the sinister force behind Estonia’s metal scene, has unleashed their highly anticipated sixth album, “Inkvisiitor,” on May 3rd, 2024. Renowned for their relentless and shadowy style, Goresoerd’s music ensnares listeners in a chilling, vice-like grip. Consequently, their latest release emerges as an ominous, unstoppable force.
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A Dive into Darkness: Goresoerd’s “Inkvisiitor”

Goresoerd, the sinister force behind Estonia’s metal scene, has unleashed their highly anticipated sixth album, “Inkvisiitor,” on May 3rd, 2024. Renowned for their relentless and shadowy style, Goresoerd’s music ensnares listeners in a chilling, vice-like grip. Consequently, their latest release emerges as an ominous, unstoppable force.

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Beginning with “Lõpp,” the album instantly draws you into a realm of triumph tinged with darkness. The instruments summon you into a shadowy abyss. Furthermore, the vocals are a savage blend of thrash, heavy metal, and death metal with a hint of blackened fury. The lyrics, “WE MARCH TOWARDS THE END,” echo a foreboding march toward decay and doom. Consequently, a swift guitar melody ensnares your emotions, leading you through a desolate battlefield of sound and imagery. The song evokes a sense of purple twilight, as if marching towards an endless void.


Inkvisiitor” follows with a bleak, black metal atmosphere. The track narrates the relentless pursuit of an inquisitor, with lines like, “HOLY WRATH ON WHEELS, THE SWORD OF DOCTRINE IS EVERGREEN.” The song’s aggressive tempo and ferocious riffs encapsulate the band’s unyielding wrath and power. Moreover, the imagery is one of dark forests and crimson skies, with an overwhelming feeling of impending doom. The soundscape feels like being chased through a nightmarish circus, blood-red lights flashing as the flames rise higher.


Next up is “Rotikari,” which explodes with a fast-paced, thrashy intro that transitions into deep, guttural growls. The lyrics, “THE SIGN IS GOLDEN ON THE BLACK BINDING, ALL THE WRITINGS ARE PURE MAGIC,” conjure a vivid image of a mind consumed by dark, forbidden knowledge. Additionally, the relentless drumming and eerie melodies create an atmosphere of chaos and destruction. The track paints a picture of an ancient library, its shelves filled with cursed tomes, where shadows dance on the walls in flickering candlelight. This song feels like a rush of black and gold hues, enveloping you in a frantic search for hidden truths.


Leviaatan” slows the pace with a doom-laden intro that evolves into a crushing, heavy riff. The lyrics depict an ancient sea monster rising from the depths, bringing doom and despair. The vocals alternate between deep growls and high-pitched screams, adding to the song’s intensity. Indeed, the line, “LEVIATHAN IS SPITTING OUT FOAM, BLOODY FOAM,” vividly portrays the beast’s monstrous nature. The imagery here is dominated by deep blues and stormy grays, as if being pulled into the depths of a tumultuous ocean, where the Leviathan’s shadow looms large beneath the waves.


With lyrics like “PLAGUE, PLAGUE, PLAGUE – THE PLAGUE HAS ARRIVED,” “Katk” delves into themes of suffering and pestilence. The track’s aggressive tempo and dark, brooding atmosphere make it one of the album’s standout songs. Consequently, the haunting melodies and brutal vocals combine to create a chilling experience. Listening to this track, one imagines a desolate village, shrouded in a sickly green fog, where the air is thick with the stench of decay and death. The colors that come to mind are dark greens and sickly yellows, painting a picture of disease and despair.


Maokaev” continues the album’s dark theme with lyrics about a “WELL OF SNAKES” and “AGONY WEARING A GLISTENING PATTERN.” The song features intricate guitar work and a punishing rhythm section. Eerie, almost hypnotic riffs draw you into a nightmarish world of serpentine horrors. Thus, the track fits perfectly into the album’s lineup. The imagery here is filled with dark browns and metallic sheens, as if peering into an ancient, cursed well, its depths writhing with venomous snakes. The feeling is one of claustrophobic dread, as the snakes slither and coil, their eyes gleaming with malevolent intent.


Valküür” shifts gears with a more melodic approach, narrating the tale of a valkyrie descending to claim the souls of fallen warriors. The soaring guitar solos and epic, choral vocals contrast starkly with the album’s darker tracks, showcasing the band’s versatility. Lyrics like, “SHE WILL WRAP HER WINGS AROUND YOU AND TAKE YOU AWAY,” create hauntingly vivid imagery. The colors here are ethereal whites and shimmering silvers, as if witnessing the arrival of a celestial being amidst the chaos of battle. The feeling is one of serene acceptance, as the valkyrie guides the souls to their final resting place.


Surmatants,” or “Dance of Death,” is an intense, fast-paced track that captures battlefield chaos. The relentless drumming and ferocious riffs create an atmosphere of pure adrenaline. Consequently, lyrics about warriors locked in a deadly dance for survival, and lines like, “THE RED SERPENT IS DANCING, EATING ITSELF FROM THE TAIL,” add dark, visceral imagery. The imagery is fiery reds and oranges, as if engulfed in the flames of battle, where every step is a dance with death. The feeling is one of frenetic energy and desperate struggle, as the warriors clash in a fight for survival.


Picatrix” delves into the esoteric, with lyrics inspired by ancient grimoires and occult rituals. Haunting melodies and atmospheric sounds create a sense of mysticism and otherworldly power. Vocals range from whispered incantations to powerful growls, enhancing the song’s eerie vibe. The repeated invocation, “LET THE RED FULL MOON SHINE,” heightens the ritualistic atmosphere. The colors here are deep purples and blood reds, as if standing in a darkened chamber, illuminated only by the light of a crimson moon. The feeling is one of otherworldly dread, as if summoning forces beyond comprehension.


With lyrics like, “A BEAST IS IN THE CHAMBER, THE HUNT HAS BEGUN,” “Eksortsist” is a chilling track about an exorcist battling a malevolent entity. Intense riffs and relentless pace capture the struggle between good and evil. Additionally, eerie, atmospheric elements add a layer of dread, making this track a highlight. Lines such as, “IN A SHELL OF FLESH A DARK MALICE BREATHES,” paint a vivid picture of internal darkness. The imagery is one of shadowy black and ghostly white, as if witnessing the exorcist’s battle in a room filled with flickering candlelight and ominous shadows.


Lein,” or “Grief,” closes the album on a somber note. The lyrics, “GRIEF IS LIKE AN ENDLESS OCEAN,” set the tone for this melancholic track. Slow, mournful melodies and clean vocals create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. Thus, the song’s introspective lyrics and emotional depth provide a fitting end to the album. The colors are deep blues and grays, evoking the feeling of being adrift in an endless sea of sorrow. The sensation is one of profound loss and reflective melancholy, as the music gently carries you through waves of grief.


Production and Artwork

Recorded and produced by Laur Lindmäe, with co-production by Goresoerd, Inkvisiitor boasts the mixing expertise of Jörg-Erik Hanikat from Leveler Audio and mastering by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Moreover, the album’s striking cover art is created by Eero “Nagy” Soomere, with album design by Bruno Palmik.


Goresoerd’s music is not about light and joy; it’s steeped in gloom and darkness. Celebrating 20 years fueled by pure malevolence, the band has solidified its place in the metal scene. Their unyielding performances leave audiences breathless. Inkvisiitor is a testament to Goresoerd’s evolution and dedication to their craft. The album marks a milestone in their journey, showcasing their stylistic diversity and raw power. Fans of Rotting Christ, Stam1na, and Vredehammer will find much to adore in this release.

Translations for the album’s lyrics are available on Goresoerd’s Bandcamp page, allowing fans to delve deeper into the dark underworld depicted in Inkvisiitor. The lyrics of tracks like “Katk” and “Maokaev” offer glimpses into the band’s poetic brutality.

Overall, Inkvisiitor is brutal, atmospheric, dark, and evil. It’s filled with tormented emotions and power metal vibes. With tracks like “Eksortsist” and “Lein,” the album continues to demonstrate Goresoerd’s ability to evoke powerful imagery and emotions through their music.


  1. Lõpp
  2. Inkvisiitor
  3. Rotikari
  4. Leviaatan
  5. Katk
  6. Maokaev
  7. Valküür
  8. Surmatants
  9. Picatrix
  10. Eksortsist
  11. Lein

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Album art.
Album art.


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