Dream of Scipio – Deformation Proclamation (2022 Single) [Review]

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Craving Classic Technical Deathcore? Your Wait Ends Here.

Almost a year has elapsed since Dream of Scipio blessed the classic technical deathcore scene with “Deformation Proclamation” on October 28th, 2022. This track is back to their roots, as a result gives a touching salute to their legacy. Hence, it’s time to dive into this majestic piece.

Premiered Where Legends Play

Firstly the song made its grand debut on Beheading The Traitor‘s channel. A platform revered in the metal world. But did the song hold its ground? Let’s delve in.

The Scipio Legacy

Dream of Scipio stands apart. They’ve branded themselves as a “ferocious powerhouse.” Established in 2011, they’ve seamlessly blended death metal, hardcore, and black metal. Consequently, a unique sound was born. Particularly one that delves into societal decay and the human psyche.

Comparing Titans: Where Does Scipio Stand?

On a local scale, their melodies might resonate vibes of Mana Tomb or It’s Always Sunny in Tijuana. But broaden the horizon, and they’re brushing shoulders with titans like All Shall Perish and The Black Dahlia Murder. Impressive, isn’t it?

Classical Technical Deathcore Band Having Fun
Dream of Scipio Showing Their Fun Loving Side (Ft. Ex Vocalist)

Not Just a Classic Technical Deathcore Song, It’s a Cinematic Journey

Then there’s the visual spectacle. The accompanying music video, is a testament to their creativity. Daryl Baker and Tony Ferla were the masterminds behind the video editing and filming. Next Dream of Scipio crafting the music in collaboration with Danny Russo, they brought the track to life. To clarify all within the cozy confines of Russo’s living room. Meanwhile they humorously leveraged green screen technology. Ultimately teleporting the band into a 2D realm reminiscent of Super Nintendo games.

Decoding the Sound – Classic Technical Deathcore

Here’s the catch: their music isn’t conventional. For example the guitars roar with passion, and the breakdowns exude raw power. Next vocal patterns swing between elevating highs and melancholic lows. Likewise crafting a soundscape that pays homage to pioneers like As Blood Runs Black and perhaps Oceano.

Eyes on the Deathcore Horizon

Here’s the big question: What’s in store for Dream of Scipio? With Magdiel J. Roldan announced as their new vocalist in June 2023, fans are buzzing with anticipation. Importantly no new tracks have dropped with him yet. Undoubtedly the future looks promising.

Wrap It Up, Shall We?

So, aficionados of classic technical deathcore, have you given “Deformation Proclamation” a shot? Simply put, if not, you’re missing out. Importantly if it’s on loop in your playlist, why not replay it? Also, keep tabs on Dream of Scipio for more surprises. Keen on sharing thoughts? Pen them down in the comments. Let’s bask in the shared love for deathcore..

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Deformation Proclamation

by Dream of Scipio
Classic Technical Deathcore Band Dream of Scipio Artwork
Classic Technical Deathcore Band Dream of Scipio Artwork


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