Beyond All Hope – Life Cycles (07.26.24 EP Release) [Pre-save]

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Beyond All Hope Pre-Save

Anticipate the Epic Release of Beyond All Hope’s New EP “Life Cycles” – Pre-Save Now!

We’re excited to share that Beyond All Hope, the progressive metal/core solo project from Denver, CO, is set to release their highly anticipated new EP, “Life Cycles,” on July 26th, 2024. Get ready for an intense and emotional musical journey that you won’t want to miss. Make sure to pre-save “Life Cycles” now and be among the first to experience this masterpiece!

About Beyond All Hope

Beyond All Hope is the brainchild of Jake Murphy, who launched the project in early 2021. Collaborating with Producer Tyler Ruehl, who mixed, mastered, and produced all songs, the project has evolved into a powerful blend of djent, progressive metal, hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore. The EP features contributions from Eliot Post on drums, Shaheen Abubshait on guitar for the shredding in “Ghost,” and notable guest vocalists Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer) and Sean Labru (Decayer).

Why You Should Pre-Save “Life Cycles”

Life Cycles” promises to deliver dark, atmospheric vibes with powerful vocals and exceptional shredding. The EP’s sound dances between various genres, making it a versatile and unique addition to the progressive metal/core scene. Pre-saving the EP ensures you’re the first to hear these groundbreaking tracks as soon as they drop.

Track List and Song Synopses

  1. Waste Away

    • A powerful track about Jake Murphy’s struggles with alcohol addiction and the journey of overcoming it. Lyrics like “Drink it up, drown the day / Leave me here, to waste away” encapsulate the battle against substance abuse.
  2. Ghost (Feat. Sean Labru of Decayer)

    • A deeply personal song inspired by a traumatic crime scene cleanup experience and the loss of a close friend. Featuring Sean Labru, this track delves into dark themes with lines like, “Negative voices, screaming inside your head / You’re not enough, you can’t shake it.”

  3. Enemy

    • An introspective piece that delves into Murphy’s battles with anxiety and depression, marking the first track written for the project. Lyrics such as “Take a look inside of me / Maybe you can see / Exactly what is wrong with me” reveal the internal struggle.
  4. Force Fed

    • A defiant anthem against having beliefs forcibly imposed upon oneself, advocating for personal conviction and integrity. The powerful refrain, “Provoke no harm, take no shit,” highlights the message of self-reliance.
  5. Truth Bomb (Feat. Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer)

    • A cathartic expression about confronting people who perpetually play the victim and cutting toxic influences out of one’s life. Lyrics like “Liquor fueled, spewing with hate / Why are you blind to what you’ve done to me” underscore the raw emotion.

Visuals and Production Credits

  • Drums: Eliot Post (all tracks except “Enemy”)
  • Guitar Feature: Shaheen Abubshait (“Ghost”)
  • Lyrics/Vocals: Jake Murphy
  • Mixed/Mastered/Produced by: Tyler Ruehl
  • Videos/Artwork/Photos: David Sundine of Sundine Designs (for “Force Fed,” “Waste Away,” and “Enemy”)

The lyric video for “Truth Bomb” was created by Shaun Ladymon of Intellect Studios and released on BeheadingTheTraitor in March 2022. The “Ghost” lyric video, a Slam Worldwide exclusive, was created by David Sundine and released in February 2022.

Pre-Save “Life Cycles” Now!

Don’t miss out on the release of “Life Cycles” on July 26th, 2024. Pre-save the EP now and be among the first to dive into this intense and emotional musical experience. Join Beyond All Hope on their journey and support independent music!

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