August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada, Bleed From Within Show Review

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Bleed From Within’s opening performance at Red Flag in St. Louis on April 22 was as powerful and intense an experience as any other metalcore act that has graced the stage. The venue was filled with fans who were eagerly waiting for the band to take the stage. As soon as the lights went down, the crowd erupted! It would be hard to know from this performance, that this was the BFW’s first time in St. Louis.

Bleed From Within delivered a high-energy performance, playing a mix of old and new songs that had the audience going hard throughout the night. A much younger audience member was given some fist bumps and a song dedication from frontman Scott Kennedy. The band’s musicianship was impressive, with each member showcasing their skills on their respective instruments. The energy in the room was electric, and the band fed off of it, adding to an already dynamic performance. The band who were on next, The Devil Wears Prada showed support by all members visibly watching BFW’s set from Red Flag’s balcony. 


Overall, Bleed From Within’s show at Red Flag was a must-see for any metal fan. The band’s passion and talent were on full display, making for an unforgettable performance. The crowd seemed energized and eager for the next opportunity to see Bleed From Within live.

The Devil Wears Prada we’re up next! Their set list mostly consisted of new songs from their latest album, “The Color Decay”. The band’s performance was tight and precise, with each member playing their instrument with skill and intensity. The vocals were powerful and emotive, with frontman Mike Hranica and guitarist Jeremy Depoyster delivering each lyric with passion and conviction. 

The band, much like Bleed From Within,  even gave a fan a very personal experience as a homemade flag that stated “Giuseppe is the GOAT” (TDWP’s drummer)  was passed around the stage as a prop for half the show. 

Opening with “Watchtower”, TDWP were excited to play tracks from the aforementioned new album. Sprinkling in a few older tracks like “Danger:Wildman” and “Dez Moines”, the band didn’t hold back giving their fan base some of the classics they craved. Set highlights were newer singles “Broken” and “Cancer”. Setting the mood for “Broken”, the entire crowd lit up the room at Red Flag with their cell phone lights, giving an emotional ambience. Closing track “Sacrifice” gave the band a well deserved send off. Huge pops and singalongs that were in a word, epic. 

August Burns Red were up next. This metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, known for their intense live performances and technical musicianship, were out celebrating their 20th year together. Their concerts are known to be high-energy, with intense mosh pits and lots of crowd participation. The band’s performance at the concert was nothing short of spectacular. They played a mix of old and new songs, including hits like “Composure,” “White Washed,” and “Marianas Trench.” The crowd was fully engaged, singing along to every word. 

Guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler shredded through complex riffs and solos, while drummer Matt Greiner kept the beat tight and precise. Vocalist Jake Luhrs commanded the stage with his powerful screams and engaging stage presence. The band interacted with the crowd throughout the show, showing how tight they’ve made their live show over these 20 years. 

August Burns Red’s set was a fun and unforgettable experience for those in attendance. The band’s technical musicianship, engaging stage presence, and high-energy performance made for an incredible night of music. Closing a highly anticipated sold out show at Red Flag, the crowd left a little sweaty, a little hoarse, but more importantly, happy.

August Burns Red was a recent guest on the Vulgar Display of Podcast, give the interview a listen here and anywhere you get your podcasts

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