Assemble The Chariots – Evermurk (2024 Single) [Review]

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Assemble The Chariots
Assemble The Chariots

No Second Wasted

An explosion of high speed blast beats and tremolo picking sets my expectations for this song immediately. Before I could get too comfortable though, a quick switch to an alternate picking chug blasts. All of that in time for the opening vocals with brutal gutturals on par with any deathcore heavyweight out there. As we begin to crescendo, quickly we make way for a primal scream, a brief all-out aural assault. It comes instrumentally and the symphonic elements begin to build into the main structure.

No Scream Left Behind

Despite the brutality that this song is ripe with, frontman Onni Holmström immediately responds to those guttural beatings with hellish shrieks. Shrieks that would even make a Nazgul shit if it heard them alone in the woods, and before the song has even surpassed the minute mark. While weaving in absolute blistering speed born guitar riffs, the symphonics of the arrangement enter into the fold.  I felt an almost tangible outer dimensional aesthetic the song conveys.

Bob Your Head…Or Else

The vocals begin to soar almost like Bel Canto operatic, with fry, shriek, guttural, and harmonious layers blending together as if actually in the air, at the center of the storm, before turning to you and immediately revealing the evil it hides with a belch-like warning that leads to ominous riffs which turn into machine gun blasts. Shrieks return just in time for a chugging riff that dares you to be still.

Black Metal Battle Jacket

There is yet another vocal style revealed in this song without any warning that proves just how much of a symphonic black metal influence is present throughout this song. I felt like i was paying tribute to early greats like Satyricon, Graveworm, Dimmu Borgir, and even Emperor in ‘The Nightshade Eclipse‘. This song is modern and captivating at every turn, but it wears the broad swath of classic influence like a back patch on a well worn battle jacket. 

So Pretty, So Brutal

Finally,  I had survived the cacophonous surge of contrasting strings swelling, and apocalyptic church bells ringing.

I was treated to a brief respite of ethereal beauty. But just as soon, an emotional screaming delivery interrupted me, leading to another operatic ascent to beauty and drama. All culminating in a gut wrenching scream that exudes power and reminds you that every single breath of beauty in this song is backed with a brutality that is both extreme and masterfully calculated.

Final Thoughts

This single lives up to every single letter of the band’s bio I read that promised: ”…Emphasizing epic orchestral melodies and chord progressions, together with high speed blast beats and monstrous vocals”. I felt I had witnessed something perfecetly packaged after spending the time reviewing the song.


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Assemble The Chariots is:

Vocals: Onni Holmström
Guitars: Kevin Apostol / Niklas Turunen
Bass: Mikael Reinikka
Drums: Sami Mäntylä

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by Assemble The Chariots
Assemble The Chariots - Evermurk
Assemble The Chariots - Evermurk


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